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Mac OS 10.5.4 and Ontap 7.3.4 - Mount shares through SMB 1.0


IHAC that we have just upgraded to 7.3.4 in order to gain advantage of the SMB 2.0 protocol for his Windows machines.

The problem is that he has some Mac OS 10.5.4 workstations that cannot connect anymore to the platform since the upgrade from

Do you know if there are any command line that could force the Mac to connect to the NetApp through SMB 1.0 ? It seems that the problem comes from there.

Thank you



You could disable SMB 2.0 altogether ?

options cifs.smb2.enable             off

At your service,

Eugene Kashpureff

The problem is that he wants to use SMB 2.0 for the Windows servers and workstations.


Think you'll find this is an issue with that version of Mac OS. We had it last year and it turned out some older Mac's with 10.5 and earlier you needed to use the FQDN to get to shares etc, also Macs can be unhappy with long share names.

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