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Max CIFS Volume size


Hi everybody,

One of my customer want to place many video cameras to monitor his office.

This videocam have to store video on Nas server.

So cameras manufacturer tell me he must ONE unique volume of 50 To size.

So is NETAPP System is capable to provide one unique volume of 50To ?

In fact, for example, cameras software export video on CIFS share O:\Backup which must be 50To larger ...

Is it possible with NETAPP system ?

Fas2040 ? which model ?

Thanks a lot..


Max CIFS Volume size


I'm guessing that you're asking for a 50TB volume. That will be a problem on any model.

Re: Max CIFS Volume size


system configuration guide

for fas2040 running on ver8.1, max flexvol is 30TB, max traVol is 50TB........

fas3040 on ver8.1, max flexvol is 50TB, max TraVol is also 50TB


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