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Migrating CIFS shares to a new domain


We have a setup on CIFS connected to an existing Windows 2008 domain. The customer has merged with another company and will eventually need to migrate his domain to the new Windows 2008 domain of the other company. Re-joining the NetApp to the new domain isn't an issue. However, they have existing File and Folders on Windows 2008 permissions, which need to be migrated to the new domain.  For their existing Windows server, they are migrating using ADMP - this will migrate their computer accounts, users, groups, etc. It doesn't work on the filer though.

Is there any tool which can do this?




Re: Migrating CIFS shares to a new domain

hi there,

you can move the filer to the new domain and migrate the old users to the new domain keeping their sid history, then everything works fine.

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Re: Migrating CIFS shares to a new domain

Thanks, this answers my question!

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