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Migrating Home directories from win 2003 to NetApp


This is probably one of those basic things they teach you the first day of NetApp training.  But, I never got the chance to attend.

I have been tasked with moving all 1000 user home folders from our windows 2003 file server onto the Netapp 7.3.2.  So I have figured out how to copy everyones folders with permissions with robocopy.  No problems there.  BUT, the next part of the project is to set everyones home directory quota to 250 MB.  How do I set all 1000 people to a certain quota once I get them on the NetApp?  And, on top of that, how to make sure that no else can view anyone elses folders?  I know I can do this through Access-based Enumeration on windows but does NetApp support that?

Thank you for helping the new guy.


Re: Migrating Home directories from win 2003 to NetApp


Hi and welcome to the communities!

The answer to your question regarding quotas - pretty much not doable, at least not on that scale. You can apply quotas on the filer on a qtree level, but creating so many of them is rather impractical.

So... you may have a look into this thread:

"If they need true directory-level quotas below the root level, we have  two partners that can do this--NTP Software and Northern Parklife."

Re security of users folders - all Windows AD access rights are honoured, so this can be sorted fairly easily.



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Re: Migrating Home directories from win 2003 to NetApp



You can apply the native "user" type quota for the users' home dirs. If all the users have the same quota, then you use the " * " wildcard for all the users. You may want to check the ONTAP admin guide, a link is pasted below:

For hiding the display of the folders, based on the users access, you can very well use the "Access Based Enumeration" feature with Data ONTAP as well. Check the TR3367, it talks about it.


Re: Migrating Home directories from win 2003 to NetApp



Simply search for creating quotas using CIFS Autoshare feature.

It removes the headache for creating individual qtree for 1000 users.  Simply add folders in a single qtree and apply a user level quota of X MB you want to keep.

Attaching the Best Practice Guide for you !

Cheers !!!

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