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Migration of Vfilers from One AD Domain To a new AD Domain



at present i have several vfilers sitting in DR pairs which i have to migrate to a new Domain.

My current thinking is to Dual ACL all the data then run a CIFS setup on the Primary Vfiler to join the new domain and  then delete and recreate the DR vfiler as this is the only time you get an oppurtunity to to Set the DNS entries.

Is thios my only option or is there a better way to do this?






I have also have similar request as we moving to new domain . Could you please let me know how to move existing vfilers to new domain.


Same as a physical fas controller. Run cifs setup. The acl point In the earlier post is a good one though.. Without the right acls or mappings permissions could need remediation after joining the new domain.

For the older original post. You can change dns without recreating e activating and modifying then resync the dr vFiler. Or recreating works too using existing mirrors without a full init using the dr configure -u flag.

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