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Mount a flexclone and use within MSCS SQL server

I have a 3 node cluster with two active SQL instances running, V01 & V02.  One of the reporting tools used is very resource intensive and I would like to create a clone of the production system on the other active instance.  ie mount a copy of the database from V01 onto V02.

We have a  script to create a flexclone and CIFS share, then mount the flexclone into the V02 cluster instance.  {Gets around none shared resource issue}

The problem is windows does not like two drives which are in effect the same in the cluster.

Is there an easy way to change the windows disk signature before mounting the flexclone lun?




Re: Mount a flexclone and use within MSCS SQL server

We are no longer using this method so the solution is not required.

Thanks any way


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