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MultiStores vs. CIFS Share problem

Hello NetApp Community,

I hope you can help me solving a curious problem ...

I created a MultiStore that will be used to be a MultiStore for CIFS shares, granted expected rights on the qtree etc.

Everything worked fine at the configuration and I'm able to mount the share. Now when I try to create a folder via Windows, I'm not allowed to do this because of missing access rights, but files e.g. Word documents, JPG files I can simply create, remove, modify in that created qtree...

Have you got any idea, why I cannot create folders but files ?

thanks a lot

best regards,



Re: MultiStores vs. CIFS Share problem

Sounds like you are sharing a qtree with the "unix" security style...

check with:

filer> qtree status "/vol/volname/qtreename"

change with:

filer> qtree security "/vol/volname/qtreename" ntfs

then the ACL's should show up.


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Re: MultiStores vs. CIFS Share problem

The root volume where the MultiStore is homed is a unis style ...

qtree command on the vfiler gives the following screen:

qtree: This command is deprecated; using qtree status.

Volume   Tree     Style Oplocks  Status

-------- -------- ----- -------- ---------

san01_vfiler1          ntfs  enabled  normal

san01_vfiler1_vol1          ntfs  enabled  normal

san01_vfiler1_vol1 Daten    ntfs  enabled  normal


Re: MultiStores vs. CIFS Share problem

does the vfiler have its own volume, or is it qtree based?

wouldn't hurt to change the security style on the volume to ntfs too, if possible.

filer> qtree security /vol/volname ntfs

Re: MultiStores vs. CIFS Share problem

the vfiler has got its own home volume and a additional volume assigned, in which the qtree exists

Re: MultiStores vs. CIFS Share problem


If this is part of Active directory domain , check to see if there is any group policy blocking the same , Also if you have the Fplocy enabled on netapp filer check if there are any restrictions in that.


Re: MultiStores vs. CIFS Share problem

Hi kumaraysun,

yes it's part of the Active Directory domain but there are no restrictions.

How to i check fpolicy's on the vfiler ? I didn't create any ..

have you got any other suggestions ?


Re: MultiStores vs. CIFS Share problem

Hi Cristian,

Could you provide some outputs please?

From vfiler0:

vfiler status -a

From vfiler CIFS:

cifs shares

cifs sessions -c

fsecurity show /vol/san01_vfiler1_vol1/Daten

Re: MultiStores vs. CIFS Share problem

hey guys,

it was my fault ! sorry !!!

Generally we have not got any cifs license - but we thought we got one and I never checked - and I think that will cause the problem ...

I'm so sorry .... but thank you for your help !

have a nice day


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