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NA2050 CIFS domain change

Hi All

We're running an NA2050 filer, and are currently going through a domain migration. The majority of servers are now over, and I now have to do the CIFS shares.

Does anyone know, of have any documentation on the steps required to leave one domain and join another, and any potential gotchas? I'm using the OnCommand System Manager 2.0. This filer also has our LUNs for our VMs, so I can't have any outage of the filers themselves.




Re: NA2050 CIFS domain change


If I understand your question, you want to change de domain AD used by your filer. Only the cifs client will be affected, because you may run a cifs setup.

I you want to leave the current domain and add a new one, the best way is to create a vfiler and joind it to this domain, and then you create your cifs shares in this vfiler.

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