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NDMP over FC


I have a FAS3240AE and I want to backup CIFS volumes over NDMP via FC.  I don't have FC protocol licensed but i understand you don't need it if you just want to use it for ndmp backups.  CIFS is only running on one controller.  I'm only using 0a and the port will be set to initiator mode and zoned to a Dell ML6000 Tape Library.  IF i'm not concerned with failover do I need to add a GBIC to the partner?  Also CIFS volumes are owned by a vFiler, so ndmp backups will go through vFiler0. Are there any concerns with this setup?    



That is interesting question and I was not able to find definite answer so far nor examples how taken over partner can work with tape drive physically connected to a partner. So I simply assume that in takeover state backup won't work. This is not that big problem, as you usually do not run in this state for long time. In this case you do not need anything on partner.

There should be no issues with backing up volumes via vfiler0. Scott likely has more experience


Exactly right...backups to tape don't require fcp.  And vfiler0 backs up all volumes vfiler assigned or not to tape.  Partner is not needed if you don't need backup on a failover.


Do you mean that failover for NDMP backup to directly connected tape is possible at all? Do you have links to any description how it is setup?


I'm referencing  which says it does

sorry, scratch that.  doesn't mention failover..


From what I remember, any running jobs fail when there is a takeover (the node that was taken over) but it can be restarted using the partner node FC connection.  So it still can ndmp backup for new jobs that run in failover mode as long as the tape device is available through the partner.


You are right. Quoting Active/Active guide: "Any dump commands directed to the failed node’s tape drives are executed on the takeover node’s tape drives." Good to know. I never can make myself to go and read through all the available manuals


great. thanks

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