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NFSv3 v4 question

We are currently using 7-mode 8.2.2.

We currently have a customer that has some servers configured for nfsv3 and some for nfsv4. Can a vfiler have both nfsv3 and nfsv4 enabled and configured without causing any potential conflicts? What about exports? I was trying to find some Netapp documentation in this regards but I seem to be at a loss.



Re: NFSv3 v4 question

No special consideration is needed. Just enable both NFS v3 and v4. Exported path can be accessible via both.
Make sure to set same NFS v4 domain and use same user database.

Re: NFSv3 v4 question



For the latest information about which NFS versions and clients Data ONTAP supports, see the Interoperability Matrix at


If you are not familer with the tool see the video



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