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New Filer Installation Testing Plan?


Dear NetApp Gurus,

Would you please share your testing plan for a new filer installation?

Thanks & Merry Christmas!





Honestly, I'd vary my plan depending on the environment; however, here's a loose list of things to do.  It's very short on details, but I did dig up a few URL's to useful links.  Most of this will be overkill, but better safe than sorry.

1. Confirm OnTap install

     -Run sysconfig -a and verify the following information:

          1. NetApp Release: X.X.X is compatible with all products you plan to use:

          2. BIOS version and Loader version are correct for your release

          3. The filer can see all the disks you've purchased and shelf ID's are correct

2. Confirm cabling.

     - Run sysconfig -a and verify the following information:

          1. System Storage Configuration: Multi-Path HA (Highly recommended)

          2. System ACP Connectivity: Full Connectivity (Best practice and "fun" to cable the first time)

          3. For added confirmation download and point wireguage at your new filer:

3. Confirm networking 

     - Run ifconfig -a and verify IP's are assigned properly, and any vifs/ifgroups are setup properly (wireguage will check your networking failover settings for you if you're new to NetApp active/active clustering)

4. Confirm firmware

     - Easy way: download latest disk and shelf firmware revs for your version of OnTap ( and verify you've got them installed.  (See if you have the latest disk qual files in /etc/ and the latest firmware revs in /etc/acpp_fw, /etc/disk_fs, /etc/shelf_fw)  If you're not certain what firmware to use for your version of OnTap call support

5. Disk setup

     - Implement aggregate, volume, (and lun) design

     - Run sysconfig -c and call support if needed

6. Protocol setup & testing

     - Setup CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, and/or FCP (FCoE) according to best practice guides

     - Run sysconfig -c and call support if needed

     - Utilize iometer ( in conjuction with perfstat ( to simulate anticipated load and identify any design problems

Granted doing all this is time consuming, you can always get a NetApp PSE to do it (or, if that snow capped mountain is the view from your office I'm available for on the side weekend work ^^)



The System Installation Workbook in the Net2 Tool has 4 or more pages of verification steps for the hardware and every licensed protocol.

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