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No access to CIFS Share over IP

Hello all

After updating a customer filer from 8.3 to 9.1P20, I had a very strange problem.


All CIFS share was accessable but only with the SVM Name:



If I changed the SVM Name with the IP address, I got the error message "Windows cannot access \\\data.


I open a case at Netapp Support and we did a lot of tests, but nobody had a solution.

After more than 20 hours, I have decided that I update to 9.3P18.

When the update was finished, the problem no longer existed.


If you had this Problem make a ONTAP update.


Best regards




Re: No access to CIFS Share over IP



Sounds interesting and yet strange. Has NetApp support reported any BUG ? Have they managed to reproduce this issue?


I am sure if you had to downgrade Ontap from 9.1P20 to P18, there must be something which prevented it.


In your DNS: Was there an DNS HOST(A) record resolving to Data LIF IP ?


Any findings from the 'packet traces' ?
SECD logs?



Re: No access to CIFS Share over IP

It look like Kerberos authentication was working correctly while Netlogon was experiencing some issues.

The issue could be related to the first upgrade.  

Assumption:  The problem resolution was due: Ontap 9.3 has code change and Bug fixes. Both node had to be rebooted. The DC connections had to be reset.

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Re: No access to CIFS Share over IP

You can use IP changer to work easily and check you system with CIFS

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