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No security on CIFS share-possible?


Is it possible to set a CIFS share in OnTap 7.2.x to NO security restrcitions (on files and access)? When mapping to the CIFS share via a Windows (or UNIX) client, I don't want the client to be required to enter any credentials. I simply want them to map and it to open. They should have full control over all files, folders and subfolders in the share. Just a wide open CIFS share for anyone and everyone to modify. Is this possible?


Re: No security on CIFS share-possible?


You can set the everyone group to have full control. That should do it! This is the default when a CIFS share is created but THAT is another story.

Let me know if I have missed what you are trying to do.


Re: No security on CIFS share-possible?


The issue there is it stil might want some kind of credentials. You can enable the cifs guest account via an option (cifs.guest_account) and that would presumably let anyone in with or without credentials. Most people don't do this for exactly that reason, but if you feel secure enough in your environnment, it's an option.

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Re: No security on CIFS share-possible?


Good point to note...when creating a share, it default to everyone "full control". When cifsconfig_share.cfg is processed on/after doesn't add everyone "full control"...just what is in the cifs access commands of the file..

When doing migrations...or automating a snapmirror destination (if not VFM or multistore), we script re-creation of of cifs shares...when doing this you have to remove access to everyone "full control" if not needed...for example if using the cifs shares output and the cfg file as a template.. never edit the cfg file though nor copy it... I usually just parse cifs shares output and create a script to re-create shares and remove access to everyone or modify to what cifs share output shows..or leave it in if it is everyone "full control"

Re: No security on CIFS share-possible?


just an Off topic questions..

when creating a shares, the default permission is everyone full, how could I disable this one? I dont want that the default permission is everyone full coz it takes time to delete the access to everyone full.



Re: No security on CIFS share-possible?


Thanks for all of the responses, Adam especially. I was able to telnet into the filer and issue the following command:

options cifs.guest_account pcuser

And now I can successfully map to CIFS shares without being prompted for credentials.

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