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Hi All,

What is Nsanity and Nsanity output?

What can we do with the help of that?



Re: Nsanity


the short answer is rtfm and its a tool from netapp who claim data about SAN Configuration (FAS, Brocade and so on) it collect a lot of Informations from your Systems and it help the NetApp Engineers to troubleshoot problems with your SAN Frontend. For Backend Problems is FMC_DC better.

It's very easy to start, when you download it and let it run you will see more. There is also a textfile with more Informationes.

cheers Soeren

Re: Nsanity

Where and what kind of manual i can get those info?

If you have,Could you please share me the link of the manual?

Thank you!!

Re: Nsanity


Here’s the link to Nsanity:

Once, you’ve downloaded the ZIP file, you’ll find the User Guide inside.

Cheers, Tony

Re: Nsanity

You Can use NetApp Data Center Planer tool to pars the data collected from the Nsanity. it is a very useful method for data migration process (for Analyse and data collection) phase.

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