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ONTAP upgrade and VMware ESXi NFS4

I have a four node AFF/FAS cluster running 9.5 that I would like to take to 9.7 P6.


I'm running a CIFS SVM and an NFS SVM and on for NFS I have several ESXi 6.7 boxes connected using NFS 4.


I've done ONTAP upgrades before with each datastore blipping for a few seconds but I noticed upgrade advisor has a specific reference to check NFS 4.


Which goes here which suggests this is fixed with the latest updates to ESXi which we're running.


Can anyone confirm if they are still seeing issues when upgrading ONTAP with fully patched ESXi 6.7 hosts connected using NFS 4 please?


Re: ONTAP upgrade and VMware ESXi NFS4

Yeah it's getting confirmation that the VMware ESXi release mentioned definitely fixes it as we're already above that release just by keeping 6.7 patched.

Check out the KB!
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