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OnTap 9.1: CIFS Server NetBios not working




I have recently setup a CIFS Server by following this guide



- I can access the CIFS endpoint from windows explorer by typing the IP: \\ works.

- I cannot access the CIFS endpoint from Windows Explorer by specifying the NetBios name: \\ServerS7 doesn't work.

- I cannot resolve the NetBios name from a windows workstation: nbtstat -a ServerS7 doesn't find anything

- in the OnTap CLI, 


::> vserver cifs nbtstat
This table is currently empty.


To me it looks as if the NetBios/WINS service on the Netapp that should respond to NetBios queries is not running/doesn't accept requests. I've tried to recreate the CIFS Server a few times now (by following the previously mentioned manual) but that doesn't help anything.


Here are some more configuration infos:


::> vserver show -vserver svm_cifs

                                    Vserver: svm_cifs
                               Vserver Type: data
                            Vserver Subtype: default
                               Vserver UUID: 15dac770-ff50-11e6-9afb-00a098c6d0c7
                                Root Volume: svm_cifs_root
                                  Aggregate: AGGR_01_Node1_Links_SAS
                                 NIS Domain: -
                 Root Volume Security Style: ntfs
                                LDAP Client: -
               Default Volume Language Code: C.UTF-8
                            Snapshot Policy: default
                               Quota Policy: default
                List of Aggregates Assigned: -
 Limit on Maximum Number of Volumes allowed: unlimited
                        Vserver Admin State: running
                  Vserver Operational State: running
   Vserver Operational State Stopped Reason: -
                          Allowed Protocols: cifs
                       Disallowed Protocols: nfs, fcp, iscsi, ndmp
            Is Vserver with Infinite Volume: false
                           QoS Policy Group: -
                        Caching Policy Name: -
                                Config Lock: false
                               IPspace Name: Default
                         Foreground Process: -

::> vserver cifs show -vserver svm_cifs

Vserver: svm_cifs
NetBIOS Domain/Workgroup Name: xxx
Fully Qualified Domain Name: xxx.LOCAL
Organizational Unit: CN=Computers
Default Site Used by LIFs Without Site Membership:
Workgroup Name: -
Authentication Style: domain
CIFS Server Administrative Status: up
CIFS Server Description:
List of NetBIOS Aliases: -


After spending more than a day on this issue, I've run out of ideas on how to debug this.

Do you have an idea on what could be the problem?







Re: OnTap 9.1: CIFS Server NetBios not working


that looks like kerberos isn't working. check the time sync between dc and filer? 

Re: OnTap 9.1: CIFS Server NetBios not working




Are you sure the client and vserver both on the same subnet? do they both have the correct subnet mask?

if you do need it to travel across subnets. you probably can set some IP forward rule on your router to allow that.



i just tested it. having a server in the same subnet of two of the SVMs LIFs, both not registered in DNS. and as you can see. the two LIFs responded to the NBNS request, each with all the IPs available on the SVM  (Running Ontap 8.3.2, all the config out of the box. no customization)





.53 = test server i used

.255 the broadcast address

.116/117 LIFs of SVMNAS01PR.



Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK

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Re: OnTap 9.1: CIFS Server NetBios not working



Actually this is the way to solve the problem:



Enabling the NetBios name service

Beginning in ONTAP 9.0, the NetBios name service (NBNS, sometimes called Windows Internet Name Service or WINS) is disabled by default. 

In previous releases, CIFS-enabled Storage Virtual Machines (SVMs) sent name registration broadcasts regardless of whether WINS was enabled on a network. To limit such broadcasts to configurations where NBNS is required, you must enable NBNS explicitly for new CIFS servers.



Before you begin
  • If you are already using NBNS and you upgrade to ONTAP 9.0 or later, it is not necessary to complete this task. NBNS will continue to work as before.
  • NBNS is enabled over UDP (port 137).
  • NBNS over IPv6 is not supported.
  1. Set the privilege level to advanced.
    set -privilege advanced
  2. Enable NBNS on a CIFS server.
    vserver cifs options  modify -vserver <vserver name> -is-nbns-enabled true
  3. Return to the admin privilege level.
    set -privilege admin


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