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Panic with SMB signing enabled. 7.3


Hi Folks,

We have a customer with a FAS3020 Cluster running Cifs on one node and Exchange over ISCSI on the second node.

All has been well for a long time till SMB signing was turned on.... and no its not SMB 2.0

The Filer is running DOT 7.3 since last October 2008 with no issues. We have been looking to upgrade but it hasn’t happened yet.

The following SMB errors have been noted on the console but I cant find much info on them.... any ides very welcome.

CIFS: Request from client for operation 43 (echo) was rejected because the client requested enforcement of security signatures (SMB signing) and the signature provided by the client did not match the value calculated by the filer.

Then the bad bit... PANIC Cluster takeover.....

Panic Message:

process on cpu0 hung (OffloadWorker05) for 6010 milliseconds! in process

idle_thread1 on release NetApp Release 7.3

I do fully intend to upgrade to but I would like to understand what’s going on...

Any ideas or ramblings are much appreciated.



Re: Panic with SMB signing enabled. 7.3


You are hitting bug 370390.

Go to NOW site and see additional information.

View solution in original post

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