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Performance issue

Hello guru's,

we have a customer keeps on complaning saying low reads/ writes on a NFS file system.earlier we migrated them  from 960--> 6030 filer. they were good for 1 1/2 month and again start saying the same performance problem.

Recently we collected the perfstats also, we got the output is NFS < 4 ms,

client is running solaris 8.0 with OFA(oracle financial) applications running on


can any one shed any thoughts or ideas on this performance problem please..

appreciated for your help


Re: Performance issue

Hello love_netapp,

Could you please upload the perfstats? Without looking at the performance data, it's hard to speculate.



Re: Performance issue

It could be client issue. We once had the problem of too small RPC queue depth on Linux (which is set to 16 by default). Bumping it to 128 did solve the problem.

If you have good latency on filer side and low throughput on client side, I’d start checking client settings.

Re: Performance issue

Hello aborzenkov,

Thanks for your response.

But can you please let me know what kind of settings can be checked on the host.

client is running sun solaris 8.

appreciated for your help

Re: Performance issue

did you check th I/O graphs from storage end??




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