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Hi all,


N series 3300 single controller (FAS2020), 1 aggregate RAID-DP with 8 x 750GB SATA disk 7200rpm, 1 Gbps ethernet link, 1 small root volume and 1 big data volume, CIFS only, sample windows 9:30-12:30 "full business time"

cifs_ops              avg: 1633   max: 5265
cifs_read_ops      avg: 489    max: 2216
cifs_write_ops     avg: 286    max: 1325
cifs_latency        avg: 0,41   max: 14,4
processor_busy  avg: 16,5   max: 49

is this a "stressed" nas?

what other parameters can I monitor for better understand the utilization of the appliance?


Federico Sardonico


Re: Performance

That does sound like a good bit for a 2020 especially with that disk setup.

Do you have Operations Manager in the environment? If so, the aggregate disk busy graph in Performance Advisor (comes free with OM) would be the best way to know for sure.

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