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Permission denied on resources that are exported to netgroups



My problem is following:

I created /etc/netgroup with entry

myhosts (ns,,) (db,,)

Then I export volume 'ports' to that netgroup by doing:

fas1> exportfs -io sec=sys,rw=@myhosts,root=@myhosts /vol/ports

When i try to mount i see permission denied:

ns% sudo mount fas1:/vol/ports /mnt/p
mount_nfs: can't access /vol/ports: Permission denied

I tried to google the solution, but ended with nothing.  I waited for 60 seconds after

editing /etc/netgroup, so that DataONTAP could reread it,  but it did not helped.

Filer can successfully ping both hosts and resolve their hostnames.  If during

export i specify ip addresses or hostnames I can successfully mount and

do IO on mounted volume, but not when i use netgroup.

This is FAS3020c running DOT 7.3.3.

nfs.netgroup.strict on



Same problem here. Anyone ever find a solution?

> rdfile /vol/vfroot/etc/exports

#Auto-generated by setup Tue Dec  3 14:53:25 CET 2013

/vol/vfroot -sec=sys,rw,anon=0,nosuid

/vol/vf_test    -sec=sys,root=@x

rdfile /vol/vfroot/etc/netgroup

x (,,)

*> getXXbyYY netgrp x

'netgroup_match' returned failure: eCode = 5

Obviously, root@x has no (write) access to the share.

Thanks for any feedback.


And what is result of getXXbyYY netgrp x


It's "eCode = 5". Apparently I forgot to anonymize in one place

So what does this "eCode = 5" mean and how can I fix it?



fas1*> getXXbyYY netgrp myhosts ns
You should see:

client ns is in netgroup myhosts
If you get the following error then there may be an issue resolving.

You can check your nsswitch.conf and set netgroup: to same as files: (I assume files: is correct since ping works).

'netgroup_match' returned failure: eCode = 5

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