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Plug NetAPP DS4243 SAN

Hello to all

I hold in the first one to excuse me beforehand for my English, I am French.

I would have a question to ask you about the implementation of a DS4243.
I would like to know if I can connect it on my server Dell with Perc H200e


Thaks a lot



Re: Plug NetAPP DS4243 SAN



Interoperability Matrix Tool ( does not show the Dell H200e listed as a tested component.
Ideally DS4243 would connect to netapp storage controller. The Storage controller would then connect to the host.
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Re: Plug NetAPP DS4243 SAN

Goodnight and thank you for your response.


alas I do not have the opportunity to go on the matrix tool. I have this message: "Your account is currently not active."

certainly because I have no netap material.


can you give me the list because I can not find a netapp controller card used.


thank you in advance



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