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PowerShell Cmdlet to convert audit log XML files to CSV


For a project I needed to convert Ontap Audit Log XML files to CSV. As I couldn't find any existing solutions, I wrote the following small PowerShell Cmdlet.


I'd be glad to receive feedback or suggestions for improvements.


An example XML audit event log is attached and the resulting CSV file.


Just paste the Cmdlet code below in PowerShell and then use the following command to convert an XML file (replace the filepath with the path to your file)


Convert-EventXmlToCsv -Path "c:\tmp\audit_svm_trinidad_nas_D2017-07-26-T06-54-13_0000000000.xml"

Cmdlet Code:


Converts NetApp XML Audit Event Log Files to CSV
Converts NetApp XML Audit Event Log Files to CSV
Convert-EventXmlToCsv -Path "c:\tmp\audit_svm_trinidad_nas_D2017-07-26-T06-54-13_0000000000.xml"
function Convert-EventXmlToCsv {
        [Parameter(Mandatory = $true)][System.IO.FileInfo]$Path,
        [Parameter(Mandatory = $false)][System.IO.FileInfo]$OutputPath

        if (!$OutputPath) {
            $OutputPath = Join-Path $Path.Directory.FullName "$($Path.BaseName).csv" 

        Write-Host "Importing XML from $Path"
        $EventXml=[xml](Get-Content -Path $Path)

        $Headers = @()

        $EventCount = $
        $Counter = 1

        $Events = foreach ($Event in $ {
            Write-Progress -Activity "Converting XML to CSV" -PercentComplete ([int]($Counter/$EventCount*100))
            $TimeCreated = $event.system.timecreated.systemtime
            $ProviderName = $
            $ProviderGuid = $event.system.provider.guid
            $Output = $event.system | ConvertTo-Csv | ConvertFrom-Csv
            $Output.timecreated = [DateTime]$TimeCreated
            $Output.Provider = $ProviderName
            $Output | Add-Member -MemberType NoteProperty -Name ProviderGuid -Value $ProviderGuid
            foreach ($AttributeName in $event.EventData.Data.Name) {
                $Output | Add-Member -MemberType NoteProperty -Name $AttributeName -Value ($ | ? { $_.Name -eq $AttributeName } | % { $_."#text" })
            $Headers += $ | ? { $_.MemberType -eq "NoteProperty" } | % { $_.Name }
            $Headers = $Headers | Select-Object -Unique
            Write-Output $Output

        Write-Progress -Activity "Converting XML to CSV completed" -Completed

        Write-Host "Writing CSV"
        $Events | Select-Object -Property $Headers | Export-Csv -NoTypeInformation -Path $OutputPath -Delimiter ";"
        Write-Host "Output written to $OutputPath"
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