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Priority of /etc/exports entries - 7MODE


Hi All,


I would like to find out which entries in /etc/exports have bigger prio, when i set them on vol and qtree level.


Let's say that we have an exports configured as follows:


/vol/volume1/qtree1       -sec=sys,rw=hp-hosts-all:,root=

/vol/volume1/qtree2       -sec=sys,rw=hp-hosts-all:,root=


and I have a request to add rw permissions for /vol/volume1 which would look like these:



/vol/volume1/qtree1       -sec=sys,rw=hp-hosts-all:,root=

/vol/volume1/qtree2       -sec=sys,rw=hp-hosts-all:,root=

/vol/volume1                    -sec=sys,rw=linux-hosts-all


Does it mean that only linux-hosts-all netgroup users will see volume1 and it's qtrees exported?

I wan't to export the whole volume and just wondering if doing so won't take access rights to it's qtrees.


Thank You in advance!



Re: Priority of /etc/exports entries - 7MODE


Hi MaciekF,

Based on the output you have provided, "linux-hosts-all" will be able to mount the NFS export /vol/volume1 and then they will eventually be able to cd into the subfolders (qtrees), provided that they have enough privileges on the filesystem.


Back to your original question, Data ONTAP processes export entries in sequential order, using only the last export entry in the /etc/exports file for a specific file system path. Therefore, you should not add multiple export entries for the same file system path, whether exported or actual, to the /etc/exports file.

For example, if you add the following export entries to the /etc/exports file:


  /vol/vol0/ -ro
  /vol/vol0/ -rw


Data ONTAP exports /vol/vol0 to all NFS clients for read-write access.


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