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Question about CIFS


The product I use is FAS2020. Recently there are some users complaining about that we could not delete some useless files. No matter when they delete them, it said that the file is used by another program.

However, actually there is not anybody using it.

I am a freshman who use Netapp product first time. What shall I do? Shall I disable CIFS and enable CIFS to try?





Check CIFS sessions from a MMC interface by connecting to the filer

and look for the open files for that CIFS share, then close those files.

Reena Gupta

On Sep 29, 2010, at 12:06 AM, "jackywuzt" <



Please use the security exploere to kill the pipe for existing user.

The same problem we are also facing that user file is locked by user himself or some other person. in this case we are using security explorer to killl the pipe.


Bhola Gond


I've been seen that issue time to time.

When you delete the folders/files, it looks like you can not delete them, but actuall they are already purged.  Yet, the fils/folders are still visible on Windows...  and when you try to delete again, then you will get error messages..   If it is not immediate serious issue, than give it a time (day or two),  deleted files/folders will be invisible when SS are expired or deleted.

Strange but it happened...

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