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RBAC at the aggr level - OPS MGR 4.0x

IHAC that is need of having role base access at the aggr level - understand that it can be completed from controller perspective (create global resource group and add the controller into it). however has anyone ever performed RBAC at the aggr level?


RBAC at the aggr level - OPS MGR 4.0x

hi thomas.

It should be possible by creating custom role (in Setup-roles-Add role and capabilities at aggr level) and associate it to existing local user / NIS domain user / AD domain user.

I can share you a snippet of how it looks in GUI(Ops Mgr web UI). I am not able to insert image in this thread, will send it over by email.

Re: RBAC at the aggr level - OPS MGR 4.0x


Can you please elaborate on what exactly is the use case for RBAC at aggr level?

Is it just for reporting, or something more like managing Protection, Provisioning etc.

You can create a group & add only the aggr to it, and assign RBAC on the group.



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