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Reclaim iSCSI LUNs space

Hi to all!


I'm trying to reclaim space of a Thin Provisioned LUN. 


I have installed NFS VAAI plugin on an ESXi host, but when I execute  "esxcli storage core  device vaai status get -d naa.xxxxx" I obtain this:


VAAI Plugin Name:
ATS Status: supported
Clone Status: supported
Zero Status: supported
Delete Status: unsupported


So I can't execute esxcli storage vmfs unmap -l  datastore_name to reclaim space


And I don't know what am I doing wrong...

Please can you help me?


The environment is ESXi 5.5, C-DOT 8.2P3 and iSCSI LUNs

Thanks in advance!




Re: Reclaim iSCSI LUNs space

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