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Removing CIFS VIF


I'm going to remove my only dedicated CIFS VIF from my FAS310 and use e0m to manage the filer. The filer is a member of an AD domain, does removing the CIFS VIF have any bearing on this? Is there anything I need to consider when removing the VIF?



Re: Removing CIFS VIF


Does I understand you correctly, that you just want delete a VIF and put the VIF-ip address on a single interface e0M? Or is your VIF today all your interfaces (including e0M) and do you just want to remove e0M from the VIF?

Normally, when your filer is add to your domain, than you can do almost everything with your network configuration. Depending on the situation, you will you have a small interruption of the cifs service (downtime). When you play with your network configuration, be aware that you keep connection to the filer (RLM, other interface, ...).


Re: Removing CIFS VIF

Thanks very much for the reply.

I have the management LAN set up on e0m.

I have a CIFS VIF comprising two ports (say for example e0a and e3a)

I want to remove the CIFS VIF entirely as I haven't got any CIFS requirement.

Will I need to consider anything else before removing the CIFS VIF or can I just get rid of it?

Thanks again

Re: Removing CIFS VIF

If you are very sure nobody is using that interface, you can destroy it.

If you don't want to use the system for cifs anymore, than it's nice to clean up AD. I would do this in small steps:

  1. stop the cifs services of the filer: cifs terminate
  2. check if there is traffic on the cifs vif
  3. bring the cifs vif down and wait some days (when there is a problem, than you can redo everything very fast)
  4. destroy the vif
  5. delete the filer account in AD



Re: Removing CIFS VIF

Thanks for the response.

I don't want to remove the filer from the Active Directory domain, I only want to get rid of the CIFS VIF. Is the domain membership dependant on the CIFS VIF or can I just destroy the VIF?


Re: Removing CIFS VIF

No problem. For AD, it's not the VIF that is used, but the "computer account" of the filer. So no problem to destoy it.


Re: Removing CIFS VIF

Dont forget to clean up your


file as it will have the VIF in there as well. If you dont it will be created at next reboot.

In your place I d go about this by:

1. Make sure its not in use by: resetting VIF stats (ifstat -za)

2. check ifstats > ifstats -a

3. if at this point your are confident the VIF is not in use;

  a. vif destroy vif-name

  b. ifconfig vifname down

How you go about this is up to you, but I suggest you clean up the RC file too.



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Re: Removing CIFS VIF

Thanks guys, appreciate the help.

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