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Reshare a CIFS Share

Here is my issue.

I have a CIFS share with about 2TB of user data, we currently us Backup Exec to safeguard the Data.  Unfortunaly to back up the CIFS share I have to add the Filer to backup exec as an NDMP source.

after all was said and done we find out the hard way that BEXEC cannot Dedupe data when the source is NDMP....GREAT!!!  All of our backups are disk to disk but this has been going to tape...AND I HATE IT!

I want to go back to disk2disk.  Also to restore just one darn file BEXEC has to run through all 2TB of data before it even attempts a restore.

My question is it possible to RESHARE the CIFS share to a Virtual WIN server and have BEXEC backup the files through the Windows VM that way I can at least start to dedupe the data again and i can move away from tape...again.

Im sure backup will be slower but I can deal with it if i can go back to deduping the data again.


Re: Reshare a CIFS Share


To provide the more accurate answer, I will need few more details. Plesae be as detailed in your answers as possible.

Can you please clarify, "BEXEC cannot Dedupe data when the source is NDMP" do you mean you are using dedupe from BEXEC or you are using Dedupe on netapp controllers?

Also when you say Re-share, do you mean to expose the same share again?


Dhaval - NTAP

Re: Reshare a CIFS Share


if you have an 10GB option to backup the share from an Windows-Server it could be an alternative.  Are you using Remote-NDMP or Direct-NDMP?

With Remote-NDMP you send the Data to the Backup-Server and then to Dedup-Pool or Tape. With that Options you can run Dedupe on the Backup server.

Notice that with BackupExcec 2010 you have a maximum Dedup-Pool of 16TB (Netbackup 64TB)

Did you thing about a VTL replacing your Tape-Architecture? This could reduce your RTO and offers Dedupe as well.

Regards bernd

Re: Reshare a CIFS Share

The most elegant way to accomplish this would be:


And if you would still have the need to get the data to tape (most of the cases not really), then you could NDMP it from the SnapVault destination.

Remember, BackupExec is a "midrange" Backup Software, which is why it has some limitations...


Re: Reshare a CIFS Share

do you mean you are using dedupe from BEXEC or you are using Dedupe on netapp controllers?

Yes dedupe is done on the BEXEC server,  being that the source is the Filer via NDMP, BEXEC cannot dedupe.  This was confirmed with NETAPP cant dedupe an NDMP source with BEXEC.

Also when you say Re-share, do you mean to expose the same share again?

Yes I would like for the time being to reshare the CIF Share through another Windows box and back up that way.

Re: Reshare a CIFS Share

Im a bit confused as to what your asking, but the filers I am backing up are local to me, onsite.  I would assume I am using direct NDMP as i dont recall a direct/remote setting anywhere.

The tape Architecture was replaced long ago but i had to revert back to it soley because of this issue  my goal is to get rid of the need to go to tape .

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Agreed, however our rep is not playing ball so to speak.  When we dicovered this issue and requested a quote for another populated disk shelf.....Well turns out that they want us to buy another two controllers instead of a disk shelf.  And they have priced it lower than the shelf, which to us makes NO SENSE!  We dont need it, we have two controllers on site and two at our D&R site.  Until my IT DIR can work this out i am left with trying to find a way around this NDMP issue with BEXEC hence my question.  We are already licensed for Snap Vault we just dont have the enough storage to to dedicate to backing up the CIF share with Snap vault.

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Direct-NDMP means backup from filer to a direct connected tape drive (fc based).. remote-NDMP sends the data at first to the backup host (lan based) and then to destination. you configure it only with the destination/media setting (tape library or dedup-pool) in backup exec.. there are no additional options in the GUI

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Then its remote as it goes from Filer to Bexec then to tape.

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what is the backup exec version? 2010 R3?