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Restore procedure for Data Ontap 7



I'm gonna test my backup procedure in a DRP simulation exercise. I approximatly know how to restore my filer (/etc, cifsconfig_share, etc ...), but I want to forget anything. Is there any document which describe all steps to restore a full filer (network config, aggregates, volumes, shares, etc ...) ?

Tks a lot !



Restore procedure for Data Ontap 7


Could you describe in more details your DRP environment? Do you have some (tape) backup and try to restore it on completely blank filer?

Restore procedure for Data Ontap 7


You're right, i missed these elements ...

I will restore from a LAN backup, Networker and devices of backup are attached on another server. No backup directly to a direct-attached device. All backup with NDMP or CIFS shares.

And yes, I restore it on a completely blank filer (only DataOntap factory defaults).

Re: Restore procedure for Data Ontap 7


In this case you will have to recreate all aggregate and volume configuration manually. Share configuration is part of root volume so – assuming you created the needed same volumes – this will be restored automatically once root volume is restored.

You will need to manually configure access to your DRP filer in NetWorker server as well. Also do not forget that volume options (like fractional reserve) will not be restored, you need to configure them manually. I am not sure about snapshot settings (like snap reserve) to be honest, you may need to test it.

Rough sequence as I see it

- Configure volumes as you need. They need not be identical to original filer, actually, as long as paths required for shares exist

- Configure filer in NetWorker

- Restore need volumes back; do not restore root volume as yet

- Restore root volume and reboot

It likely may need one or more corrections as you go ☺

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