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Re: Restoring from Previous Versions, Windows 7

Hello Posters,

Does anyone have information on the performance-impact when disabling the Directory caching on all clients ?




Re: Restoring from Previous Versions, Windows 7

Netapps anwer:

Its related to

Bug  403828   Failed to restore a deleted directory from the Previous Version tab in Windows 7 over SMB2.0.

1. The file can directly be copied from \\filer\share_name\~snapshot directory.

2. Disable SMB2 on the storage system and restore the directory from the Previous Version Tab.

Fixed in

Data ONTAP 7.3.3P5 (First Fixed) - Fixed

Data ONTAP 7.3.6 (GA) - Fixed

Data ONTAP 8.0.2 (GA) - Fixed

Data ONTAP 8.1RC2 (RC) - Fixed

They have the following recommendations:


A) Access Snapshots by mapping a drive to the root of the volume ( need a share point at the root) and traverse the ~snapshot directory.

B) Upgrade from ONTap 7.3.2 to   ONTap  7.3.6P5

C)  What performance impact if the following is completed ( 5  in this article )

=> This cannot be quantitatively defined by NetApp but is a Microsoft support question.

Disable Directory Caching on the Windows Client. To do this, create a new DWORD registry key named DirectoryCacheLifetime in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Lanmanworkstation\Parameters and set the value to 0. You might need to reboot the Windows client for the setting to take effect. Note that this might have a negative performance impact. See Microsoft Technet for further information

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