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SMB 2.1 Support ?


Anyone knows when SMB 2.1 (specifically, the CIFS lease caching mechanism) will be supported ?  

TR-3740 and all the latest Ontap7.X releases only stated SMB 2.0 support, while the Ontap8 release note says SMB 2 is just not supported at all.

The SMB 2/2.1 support is getting pretty critical now that my clients are moving toward Windows 7 (After skipping Vista)


Re: SMB 2.1 Support ?


Hi Timothy,

SMB 2.1 support is coming up in a future Data ONTAP release.

Reena Gupta

On May 11, 2010, at 7:52 AM, "timothylinppc" <

SMB 2.1 Support ?


Hello Reena, do you have any timeframe for SMB 2.1 support in DOT 8.02 7 Mode ?

We are in the process of upgrading approx 18 FAS units to DOT 8.02 7 Mode and would like to use SMB 2.1 to work with Windows 7.



SMB 2.1 Support ?


Just in case it wasn't noticed yet: Ontap 8.1 Cluster-Mode does support SMB 2.1

8.1 7-Mode not yet...


Re: SMB 2.1 Support ?


Not sure if you have got any update. SMB 2.0 support is there in 8.1 7-mode and in 8.0.2 as well.

Re: SMB 2.1 Support ?


SMB 2.1 will be availabe with 7-Mode in Ontap 8.1.1 🙂

Re: SMB 2.1 Support ?


There seems to be some issues with SMB 2.1 and the recommendation is to now upgrade to DOT 8.1.2 where SMB2.1 has been disabled.

SMB 2.1 is disabled by default in Data ONTAP 8.1.2. CIFS clients can still negotiate SMB 2.0 connections with the storage system.

Re: SMB 2.1 Support ?


SMB 2.1 should be available again in 8.1.3.

However, Bug 623978 ("File opens over the SMB 2.1 protocol can take 35-40 seconds to respond") is fixed in 8.1.2P3.  I assume that means that SMB 2.1 is already available in that version.

Does anyone know for sure if that is the case?

Re: SMB 2.1 Support ?


I just received confirmation that SMB 2.1 is indeed available again as of 8.1.2P3.

Re: SMB 2.1 Support ?


Yes, I too have been notified that it is fixed in 8.1.2P3.

Fixed in versions:

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