SRM and SnapMirror NFS datastores

Hi Experts,

We have SnapMirror relationships for all our NFS volumes(datastores) to our DR site. Now we have SRM. I know that NFS support is relatively new in SRM.

I am reading the SRM manual and it says this:

     "You must identify a datastore that SRM will use to store placehold virtual machines."

Is this separate from the SnapMirror volume that we can mount to our DR site's VM environment?

Does anyone have a good instructions for setting up SRM and Netapp NFS volumes(datastores)?



Re: SRM and SnapMirror NFS datastores


Datastore for placeholders should not be replicated - it is a local datastore at DR site only (you may need one at Primary as well if you reverse the protection relationship).

TR docs about SRM on NetApp: (SRM 5) (SRM 4)



Re: SRM and SnapMirror NFS datastores

Thank you, I will check that out.