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Setup Windows Print Services on FAS2020


Is the correct way to provide Windows print file services for a FAS2020, to attach a Windows server and do the print services from that Windows server?

Also, if access to the FAS2020 is iSCSI only, is there any other software needed?

Thank you.



Re: Setup Windows Print Services on FAS2020

Hi Tom,

Do you mean print or file services?

The former these days is typically addressed by a network-attached printer. If not, then you need a Windows box with print spooler service running on it & directly-attached printer.

The latter can be delivered either directly out of a NetApp filer if CIFS licence is enabled. If that's not the case, then again, you need a Windows server which will use some LUNs created on NetApp box (connected via iSCSI) & present / share this storage to Windows clients via CIFS.


Re: Setup Windows Print Services on FAS2020

Thank you Radek.

I did mean "print" services and you answered the question that I had.


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