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Setup of NFS Kerberos Realm


I'm preparing to stand up an NFS VSM alongside serveral separate VSMs that host SMB shares and are joined to an Active Directory. Ideally this NFS VSM will be kerborized (but the Kerberos realm is entirely separate from the Active Directory on those SMB VSMs). Couple of questions for anyone that has done this before:


1) Is setup of the Kerberos realm a global configuration (or can it be limited to just one VSM)?

2) Can the Kerberos realm configured in question #1 coexist with any existing Active Directory configs on separate VSMs, or are there any known issues with this?





Re: Setup of NFS Kerberos Realm

If under "VSM" you mean cluster mode SVM - yes, two SVMs are completely independent and use separate Kerberos setup. It is per SVM.
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