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Snapmirror Initialization Large Volume to DR Site


I have a FAS2020 system with a 1.7TB volume that is strictly CIFS file and folder share data.  It needs to be replicated to our DR site with snapmirror and I am trying to find a way to accomplish the initialization without sending all the traffic over the WAN.  We also use Backup Exec 12.5 with an HP LTO4 tape library.  I understand you can snapmirror to tape, but unless I am misunderstanding this is only it the tape is directly attached to the filer, correct?  What about utilizing NDMP through Backup Exec?  Can a volume be copied to tape and still be configured at the DR site to participate in snapmirror replication?  Thank you for the guidance.


Snapmirror Initialization Large Volume to DR Site



You need a direct tape (or 'directly seen' via FC fabric) for SnapMirror to Tape. Here is the description of the seeding process:

However, other guys were discussing a very interesting workaround in this thread - have a look:



Snapmirror Initialization Large Volume to DR Site


Also keep in mind that you can throttle the bandwidth SnapMirror uses if that is your concern.

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