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Snapmirror TCP Window Sizes under v8.3.2 ??

Do the rules for changing TCP Window sizes hold true under CDOT as it did under 7-mode...?

I'm running v8.3.2P9 and recently received a 400 Mbps WAN upgrade and I want to maximum the snapmirror transfers

over this new link.  Following the 7-mode TCP Window formal...?  or does CDOT have something new built in...?

Not seeing any notes on this in the TR-4015  March 2016 Best Practices Guide.    Thanks!


Re: Snapmirror TCP Window Sizes under v8.3.2 ??

hope this is still valid for 9.1 (uner priv diag)


can you confirm?



Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK

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Re: Snapmirror TCP Window Sizes under v8.3.2 ??

Yep... this works....!  Thanks

will test new transfers this weekend after modifing WAN buffer to 4 MB and compare against my baseline, and repeat again at 6 MB.

"network connections options buffer show"

hoping to push multiple TCP streams to fully utilize the 400 Mbps circuit.


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