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FAS2040 owners, I'm curious what switches you have selected and if you like them. I know the Cisco 3750 is pretty common, but I think it is probably overkill for our setup. I'm leaning towards some Juniper options. I'm not 100% sure if we'll go with separate or stacked switches. We'll be using the FAS2040 for NFS (vmware) and CIFS.

Thanks for your input.


Re: Switch selection


Dell 6000 series i.e. 6248 are very similar to the 3750 but half the cost. You do need decent switches with good size buffers for IP storage such as these or you could hit problems.

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Re: Switch selection


Well, I was hoping for more people to respond, but oh well. Hey, thanks for your input.


Re: Switch selection


In Cisco land using stacked switches lets you create EtherChannel groups that span across physical switches in the stack. This gives you the advantage of an EtherChannel-to-VIF connection between the switch and the storage controller without the dependency on a single physical switch. Don't know about Dell or Juniper but they may do something similar.

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