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System Manager (new system, Requires setup)


Hi all.

When I open the System Manager software and add my SAN (FAS2020 version 7.3.2) I cannot view the current configuration because the software alert me with this message: New System (Requires Setup)

I cannot restart the SAN beacuase it's on a production environment.

Can you help me?




...not sure why you are seeing that error.

In order to use System Manager you need to configure secureadmin to use SSL.  To do this:

From filer:

san>secureadmin setup ssl

*follow setup instructions...

From server (running system manager 1.1r1)

1.  Start system manager.

2.  Click on add -> Enter the hostname/IP of filer. (it should appear in the left pane, and you should at this point be able to view its configuration + other administrative tasks)


I have generate one other self signed certificate but follow with the same error.

What's up if I complete the setup?

I cannot lose my configuration and I cannot lose connection with servers.


pash_hrnic you see your filer in the left most part of the window? You don't need to click on the 'setup' button to view configuration details. The setup button runs an initial setup script, which is something you probably DON'T want to do.


I can only run setup.

I append screenshot.


I'm sorry, I've never seen that.  Maybe one of the others can chime in and help.


This will happen if the hostname is not specified in the /etc/hosts and the hostname for the filer is not defined.   You can tell this is an issue if theres nothing preceding the '>' prompt when logged into the filer.


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