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TR-4551: StorageGRID Webscale NAS Bridge Best Practices

This document discusses best practices and recommendations when deploying and sizing the StorageGRID Webscale (SGWS) NAS Bridge and discusses configuration, use cases, architecture, performance, and maintenance for the NAS Bridge integrated with StorageGRID Webscale.


The NAS Bridge functions as a protocol bridge between NAS and object protocols. The NAS Bridge presents either NFS or CIFS shares to client applications. Files written into the shares are stored persistently in the object store as whole files; the bridge does not modify the source files. Files ingested by the NAS Bridge are stored into StorageGRID Webscale using the S3 protocol.  The NAS Bridge supports file-object duality in which a file stored using a NAS protocol can be retrieved using the S3 protocol as an object. The NAS Bridge currently deploys only as a virtual machine appliance.


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