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Tape-backup the SMVI-Snapshots


We've 3 ESXi 3.5 connected via iSCSI to a FAS2050. SMVI is running on the Virtual Center Server. So far, so good.

Problem is:

How can i access the SMVI-snapshots from an external W2K3-Server running Arcserve (for storing the snapshots to tape)?

I've tested NFS and i was able to mount the volume and access the .snapshot-directory.

Not sure, how to access the .snaphot-dir via iSCSI(VMFS-LUN) ?

Would be nice, if someone could point me to the right direction.




Re: Tape-backup the SMVI-Snapshots

Hi Marco,

This document is worth reading:

In a nutshell NDMP to tape looks like something which may tick the box for you.

Is your tape library connected to FC fabric (or directly to the filer)? If it isn't then NDMP will be problematic with ARCserve (table 2 on page 16 of aforementioned document).