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Thin provision

Hello ,

I am going to Create a thin provisioned LUN.These are the steps i did

1.Create a volume

2.Select a space guarantee none for the volume.

3.create a LUN

4.enable the space reserve in LUN

And my query is,did the points 2 & 4 are both combinely needed to form an thin provisioned LUN?


Should i use either one of these two options?

Kindly clarify.



Re: Thin provision

Dear Saran,

When you select the "space guarantee none for the volume". This means that the volume is thin provisioned. For the LUN also to be this provisioned you need to set the space reservation disabled.

If you need only the LUN to be this provisioned then you need to set the "space guarantee volume for the volume". And the LUN space reservation to be disabled.

Below are the comamnds for enabling the thin provisioning on the volume and lun.

Volume: vol options “targetvol” guarantee none

LUN: lun set reservation “/vol/targetvol/targetlun” disable.

Hope this helps.



Re: Thin provision

Hi Bhanoji,

Thank you very much for your answer !!!

Does the reserve case will work, setting the space guarantee as none for volume and reserving the space for LUN?



Re: Thin provision

A space-reserved LUN on a volume with guarantee set to none will not reserve its capacity. lun show -v will provide following output:

lun show -v /vol/test/test

        /vol/test/test              50.0g (53694627840)   (r/w, online)

                Serial#: Hn/5m4gyMgHE

                Share: none

               Space Reservation: enabled (not honored by containing Aggregate)

                Multiprotocol Type: windows

You can see TR 3483 for more details.

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