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Thresholds on group objects

How do the thresholds trigger on group objects

if i have a threshold template cifs latency x millisec

and apply to a groupname of 4 filers ,

Would this threshold trigger for any of filer cifs latency or all filers in the group need to hit the threshold ?


Re: Thresholds on group objects

If any filer in the group triggers the threshold then a threshold breach event is generated.

Groups allow you to apply the same threshold to multiple systems (simplicity) but only need one system in the group to trigger the event (assuming you are measuring CIFS latency at the system level and not the volume level.

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Re: Thresholds on group objects

Threshold at group level are not fixed to those filer that where member of the group at the time of creation of group  also to those that might/can be added to it.

Also those members removed from group will no more have the threshold.



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