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Too many levels of remote in path

I recently tried to modify a NFS export through OnCommand System Manager and I got the error:

   Data ONTAP API Failed :Modify failed with error: Too many levels of remote in path (Error: 13114)



This is an operation I have done many times without any problems. But I can't find a reason as to why this error is occuring now.


Any help would be appreciated?





Re: Too many levels of remote in path

I also tried to modify the export manually.  Below is a bit of my /etc/exports file:

#Auto-generated by setup Mon Sep 15 15:16:44 IST 2008
/vol/vol0    -sec=sys,rw,root=,nosuid
/vol/repository    -actual=/vol/repository/qtree,sec=sys,rw,anon=0
/vol/repository/isos    -actual=/vol/repository/qtree/isos ,sec=sys,rw,root=,nosuid
/vol/repository/pcimages    -actual=/vol/repository/qtree/pcimages,sec=sys,rw,anon=0

And this is what happens when I try to reload the exports file:

filer01> exportfs -a
exportfs [Line 4]: actual path is already used as an actual path, /vol/repository/isos not exported

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