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Unix to Windows mapping


I feel like I'm overlooking something really basic here. I'm trying to create a qtree that has NTFS permissions and share it out via CIFS, but is exported via NFS as well. The Unix username and the Windows usernames in the environment are identical, sans the domain qualification obviously. I thought that as long as the names were the same that OnTap was supposed to map them automatically, but apparently that's not working. Am I missing something here? It seems as it keeps trying to map the user as "pcuser" which is the wafl default. If I perform a wcc -u username lookup it attempts to look it up in the passwd file and fails if there is no entry.

However, if I grab that UID from the login attempt (I have CIFS tracing enabled) and create an entry in the /etc/passwd file for it (ex: user1::1001:1001::/:) everything maps like a charm.

Long story short -  do I need to create a passwd file entry for every single user that needs to have NFS and CIFS access to the same shares/exports even though their Unix and Windows usernames are identical?



Re: Unix to Windows mapping


You have to give the controller some way to map a UID to a username and vice versa.  That can be the passwd file, it can be NIS, it could be LDAP.

But there has be some kind of lookup table to ONTAP to do the mappings based on names.

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Re: Unix to Windows mapping


That makes sense. Thanks Adam!

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