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Updating a new N Series


Fairly basic question, however, when taking delivery of a new filer (N Series) what firmware / software should be updated prior to placing into production. Just want to make sure I don’t miss anything.

Also, is there an order I should follow and anything I should look out for?


Re: Updating a new N Series


We are running 6x 6040s (2858A20s), they have been delivered at different time but all (-1)  within the last year.

Our policy has been to get them to the latest recommended release from IBM, current 7.3.4 I believe.  Whilst 8.0.1 and 7.3.5 will be supported if you need/want them.

We have deferred going to 8.0.1 as at the moment it would be too much of a hasle to upgrade.  We are however just about to upgrade from 7.3.3P5 to the latest patch release of 7.3.5 in an attempt to get around a weird CIFS issue.

We have found that 7.3.5 isn't available on the download site but is obtainable through our support channel.

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Re: Updating a new N Series


Thanks, apart from DOT what else should be updated and in what order?

Re: Updating a new N Series



Its also wise to check disk and shelf firmware revisions. Definitely !. Its a lot harder to do these in production as well

Also check ILO/RLM Remote console connections (although most of these can be updated independently), if these are present.

You can normally perform a sysconfig or disk show and get the firmware revisions and then check the revisions against supported versions etc.

As Glen mentioned, its always good to make sure ONTAP is at a good level too

HTH thanks


Re: Updating a new N Series


thanks for the help

Re: Updating a new N Series


Watch out for unanticipated disk shelf firmware upgrades.  We now make a point of deliberately doing the firmware at a time of our choosing.

I can't remember the exact chain of events but it went something like this, after doing an OnTap upgrade, a new version of disk firmware was available on the system.  The disk shelves started upgrading themselves (all at once!), a process that takes a reasonably time and certainly wasn't convenient when it occurred.

So our schedule is RLM first, the Disks and lastly OnTap itself.  So far this seems to have worked for us quite well.

I am not sure what the consequences would be from letting firmware lag but I have always felt it best practice to keep upto date if we can.  I know others though who have an "if it ain't broke don't fix it" policy.

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