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User Home Directories - MS Folder Re-Direction



I'm using user home directories without issue using an NTName naming style . I also re-direct users my documents to the users home directories using group policy by pointing it at \\filer\~. Thing is, I have to create the folders for the user manually or with a script. My question is this:

  • How do I configure the filer so that ms folder re-direction can create new users folders automatically on the fly?

These is easily done with a windows file share. Basically, you setup the permissions on the share to allow users create the folders and set folder re-direction to create the folder for the user. The folder is then created in the format:

  • <username>.<DomainNetBiosName> e.g. UserA.MYDOMAIN

In order to get this working with the filer i was thinking of doing the following:

  1. Create a share for the users home directories e.g. share out /vol/users_homedirs/
  2. Set the appropriate permissions on this share
  3. Set the CIFS homedir config to be /vol/users_homedirs/%U%.MYDOMAIN/

Would this work?


Re: User Home Directories - MS Folder Re-Direction


After further consideration, this is an irrelevant question I guess. OnTap home directories are designed to work across client platforms/domains. If I wished to use folder re-direction, I should just use a standard CIFS share with the appropriate SHARE/NTFS DACLS on it. The only thing I would have to do is update the user drive mappings from

  • \\myfiler\<username>
  • \\myfiler\homedirs\<username>

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