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Users unable to access shares


Users on a vfiler unable to access its shares.  The CIFS  share and windows share have appropriate permissions.

On further look, I found this in the FAS  /etc/messages:

Fri Jul 15 14:26:48 EDT [vfxxx@yyy: cifs.trace.GSS:error]: AUTH: Unable to initialize Kerberos context: (0x96c73a87) Can't open/find Kerberos configuration file.

I browsed /etc and could not see any krb5.conf file.

Did someone delete this file?

How can I retrieve the original krb5.conf file back?



Fri Jul 15 14:26:48 EDT [vfnxxx@yyy: kerberos.conf.not.found:warning]: Could not find Kerberos configuration file /etc/krb5.conf.


Users unable to access shares


If you are on a domain, then you should run CIFS setup again.  However, if you have snapshots on the root volume, and can find it, I would think that you could run 'cifs terminate' pull the file from the snap back onto the filer and then run 'cifs restart'.  This is just a guess though.

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