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VLan Tag drops


Experiencing NFS performance issues and observing vlan tag drops on the vlan status.

Not sure what is this tag drops and what causes it and also could this be a reason for slow NFS issue.

Looking for comments from a network expert out there. Thanks.

Vlan Physical Interface:  Vlan1 () --
               Vlan IDs:  109
                   GVRP:  enabled

Total frames:     3608k | Total bytes:      4934m | Multi/broadcast:     0
Untag drops:       166m | Vlan tag drops:   1467m                         <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<,
Total frames:     2405k | Total bytes:       944m

Vlan Physical Interface:  vlan2 () --
               Vlan IDs:  112
                   GVRP:  enabled

Total frames:      634k | Total bytes:       858m | Multi/broadcast:     0
Untag drops:       166m | Vlan tag drops:   2285m                                   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<,
Total frames:      362k | Total bytes:     81608k


VLan Tag drops


Not a networking expert here but the Network administration guide has information on the meanings of those fields:

"Vlan tag drop -- Number of tagged frames dropped that do not match the VLAN tags

configured on the interface.

Vlan untag drop -- Number of untagged frames dropped on an interface that is configured

to be part of a VLAN"

So it looks like you have a large number of frames that are tagged for some other VLAN that is not a part of that interface and you have a smaller number of frames being dropped that are simply not tagged (but should be since the interface is meant to be part of a trunk).  If I had to guess here I would venture that maybe one or more of the switch ports in your etherchannel is not configured properly since both of these things are happening.  Perhaps one of your filer interfaces is plugged into a port that is actually part of a different etherchannel?


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