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Volume Missing Space

I am fairly new to the management of our NetApp System.

One thing I found is that it looks like we are missing some space on one of our volumes.

In the OnCommand System Manager, when I select this specific Volume thestatistics show as this:

Total Space 1.7 TB

Available Space 72.99 GB

%Used 95

Thin Provisioned - Yes

Under Space Allocation -


Total Space = 1.58 TB

Snapshot Reserver = 121.8 GB


Data Space: 72.99 GB

Snapshot Reserver: 102.19 GB

Total 175.18 GB


Data Space: 871.2 GB

Snapshot Copies Space: 19.61 GB

Total : 890.81 GB

From this it looks like I am missing arouns 580 GB somewhere.

I have a 1.7TB Volume, 871.2 GB Used, 19.61 GB for Snapshot = Total 890.81 GB.

On the filer when I run the following command ( df -hr WindowsCIFS )

I get the following result :

Filesystem               total       used      avail   reserved  Mounted on
/vol/WindowsCIFS/       1618GB      871GB       73GB        0KB  /vol/WindowsCIFS/
/vol/WindowsCIFS/.snapshot      121GB       19GB      102GB        0KB  /vol/WindowsCIFS/.snapshot

Any idea why my available space is only 73 GB? It seems it should be much much more.


Re: Volume Missing Space

Is this the only volume on the system, what does df -Ag show?

- Scott


Re: Volume Missing Space

Seeing as you are using thin provisioning I am assuming that you are also using fractional reserve.

Take a look at these articles and see if they help explain where your space went.

Understanding how fractional reserve affects available space

How 100 percent fractional reserve affects available space

Check out the KB!
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