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Vserver is not see external server DNS

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I have a FAS2520 with cDOT 8.3 and a vserver configured for iSCSI and we need start the CIFS protocol too with another flexvol volume and duration the CIFS setup protocol DNS server is not reach with CIFS. vserver is not see DNS server, but dns info command see my domain name and dns server IP.

looking in the NOW site the external server  only can be see by the data LIF of the vserver and data LIF is ok.


any ideia?


Thank you very much!





Re: Vserver is not see external server DNS

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Is your porblem that you cannot join the domain?

Re: Vserver is not see external server DNS

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We have a ticket open now with the same issue. Seems there is a known bug in 8.3 (here is the bug report link: that is fixed in 8.3.1


The workaround is supposed to be created a manual hosts entry for the FQDN of the domain that points at a DC, but this isn;t working for us.  If you can update, I'd recommend doing that.

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